• What is WELS?

    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). The WELS is a world-wide church with congregations in all 50 states. The WELS also serves over 25 countries through world mission work. Our congregation and church body are solidly based on the foundation of the Bible. We believe that Jesus is our Savior and the only way to heaven. Through faith in Jesus we are united to him and each other.

    The name “Lutheran” comes from the great reformer Martin Luther. In a period in history when the Church had lost sight of its Savior and the truth of his Word, Martin Luther boldly challenged these errors and preached Jesus Christ as Savior. We are proud to remember his work in bringing to light the truth of God’s Word by using his name to identify ourselves.

  • How can I contact Beautiful Savior?

    You can reach us by phone or email or by filling out the form on our contact page.
  • Where is Beautiful Savior?

    Beautiful Savior currently has two campuses. The Summerville campus is at 720 Old Trolley Road in Summerville. The Moncks Corner campus is under construction in Foxbank Plantation and currently meets at the Fraternal Order of Police building at 1320 S. Live Oak Road (Hwy 17) in Moncks Corner. Beautiful Savior has plans to open new campuses throughout the tricounty area in the coming years.
  • When are the worship services?

    The Summerville campus’ worship services are held at 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM from September through May and at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM from June through August.

    The Moncks Corner campus’ worship service is held at 10:30 AM all year round.

  • What are the worship services like?

    Every church has its own style of worship. We think you’ll enjoy the services at Beautiful Savior, but as in any church, it may take a couple of Sundays to become accustomed to our way of praising God and proclaiming what he has done. Each week the service is printed in the worship folder. All the Scripture readings, hymns, and prayers are printed there for you. You are certainly welcome to bring along your own Bible and follow along if you choose.

    Our worship uses traditional forms and modern language and application. The traditional brings us the best from God’s Church throughout the ages, and the contemporary brings God’s promises and his will into our daily lives. We hope you enjoy both.

  • What should I wear for worship?

    At Beautiful Savior you will see folks in jackets and ties, khakis and polos, dresses and slacks, even shorts and t-shirts. You won’t feel out of place. Come as you are.
  • What about my children at worship?

    Worship at Beautiful Savior includes a children’s message for young children. There is also a staffed nursery available at our 10:30 AM service for children ages 2 to 6. There is a cry-room for parents with young children and infants equipped with a window and a speaker that allows you to see and hear the service.
  • What about the offering?

    Often times people have questions about offerings. “When will they take the offering?” “How will it be collected?”  “How much am I expected to give?”  “Do they want visitors to contribute too?”  These are typical worries about church offerings. You may wish at first to learn more about our ministry before bringing your offerings to God through our church.

    The Bible teaches that our offerings to God should reflect our belief that all we have is his gift to us. It teaches us that with our offerings we worship and honor God.

    Like most Christians, our members bring offerings to God through their church.  Since offerings are gifts of love for God, no one dictates what each person is to give. We pass an offering plate during the service so that our worship may include bringing gifts to God.  Offering envelopes are available and keep our gifts a private matter known only to God.

    We look to Christ and his love to motivate us in our giving, whether it is a child putting in coins or an adult writing out a check.

    You may wish at first to learn more about our church before you give an offering, but you are always welcome to participate as your heart leads you to give.

  • Do you have Sunday School?

    Beautiful Savior offers Bible study opportunities each Sunday for all ages preschool through adult. Children use the Christ Light curriculum, which provides an excellent overview of the Bible’s teaching. Teens and adults have their own unique studies throughout the year.
  • Are there groups I can join or attend?

    K-groups are a vital part of our ministry at Beautiful Savior. We want to do more than be a friendly church. We want to be a church of friends. K-groups are where those friendships are made.
    The K in K-group stands for koinonia, a Greek word found regularly in Scripture. Koinonia means sharing. When you share your life with a community of fellow believers, we call that fellowship. St. John writes, “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship (koinonia) with us.  And our fellowship (koinonia) is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.” (1 John 1:3). When believers are united to God, they are inevitably united to one another also.

    This is necessary. God did not design human beings to face life on their own. Instead, he intended for believers to be woven together in a community so that they might encourage one another as together they walk the often difficult path of life. To that end we have three types of K-groups: Study Groups, Help Groups, and Play Groups. Check out our current offerings today!

  • How do I become a member of Beautiful Savior?

    Beautiful Savior’s “The Foundation of Our Faith” class runs for seven weeks and is intended for anyone who would like to become a member or simply learn more about the basic teachings of the Bible. In the class we go over the basic teachings of Scripture as an introduction to life-long Bible study. The “The Foundation of Our Faith” class is offered quarterly at both campuses and is also offered individually to work around difficult schedules.
  • Where can I learn about preschool?

    Beautiful Savior offers preschool for 3 to 4 year olds at our Summerville campus. You can learn more about it on our preschool page.